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“Dennis and his crew did a great job. They removed a number of trees on our property, including some that were quite large and/or located in tricky places on the property. They were able to maneuver their vehicles (including a crane) into places on our property that avoided costly scenarios such as fence and stone wall removal (that other tree companies wanted to do). I was very impressed with the skill and work ethic of the entire crew. They knew exactly what they were doing and worked really hard to please us. They cheerfully accommodated a number of special instructions we had. I was also impressed by the care they took in pruning several large trees. They cleaned up and left the property in great shape. All in all they did a great job and it was a great value compared to the larger companies we talked to. I would definitely hire them again.”

- Jeff B. – 10/1/2015

“Dennis Tree service worked on 3 large maple trees at our home in July 2015. The largest was probably 100 ft and had a base 3 x 5 ft. Huge. Complicating the situation were fences and an completely enclosed property with other buildings around it. Dennis came in right at 7AM with brand new trucks, cranes and got to work immediately. They did a fantastic job with every branch lowered by crane to the ground and removed later that day. Their professionalism and value was perfect and we enjoyed the crew a lot.”

- Bruce A. – 7/29/2015

“Dennis Tree provided courteous and conscientious service of our tree trimming and cutting needs. They listened well to my preferences and concerns.”

- Dan P. – 7/3/2015

“I’ve been using Dennis Tree Service for six years, starting with a major removal and most recently by trimming back . Much of the work was conducted on a steep hillside. They got along well with my neighbors, and have been responsive to unique requests. They started and finished as scheduled.”

- John S. – 5/14/2015

“Dennis and his crew did a great job removing several hard-to-reach trees from my yard – one hovering over a chain link fence, another in the middle of a septic area, all big oaks and a crane was needed. He temporarily removed a fence to gain access, used plywood for his equipment – all the right things. It’s hard not to be impressed with a job done well. I’ll be using Dennis again.”

- Don O. – 4/25/2015

“Had Dennis out to remove trees from in front and behind my house as well as do a clear out of some beds after we bought a house. They did a great job and matched prices of other quotes I received. Dennis was able to schedule within a week, which was great. They were also the only company who would be using a crane instead of a bucket truck which really helped keep my lawn intact. The crew arrived promptly at the scheduled time and got right to work. They were sure to run things by me if unsure of a course of action or to confirm what I wanted. They also made sure I was happy with everything before completing the job. I would definitely have them back again for any major jobs as they were polite, respectful, prompt, and courteous. Definitely a great company. The only slight worry I had was not receiving a detailed estimate at the start, but they kept to our verbal agreement and went above what I expected with their service.”

- Andrew P. – 9/17/2014

“Dennis and his crew just spent three days magnificently transforming my property. He is a pleasure to deal with. He and his crew are extremely honest, and the hardest working bunch of guys you will ever meet- even when it was 85 degrees outside! They did in three days what other companies told me would take 6 days! They left the property neat and clean – as if they were never there (except the property now looks ten-times better!). We are now going to use them every year for trimming and pruning. What a gentleman Dennis is!”

- Ira – 6/10/2014

“We had a huge pine tree break and fall on our house. I contacted several tree services in the area and Dennis was the only one to respond. He came by the following day to inspect the situation and gave us a great price. He came back with his crew the next Saturday. They were all very professional and quick. We ended up hiring them to come back the following week to remove the other 8 large pines and prune the large Sycamore tree. It was all done in a day and now we have a beautiful sunny open yard!”

- Dalia B. – 5/12/2014

“Dennis tree service is exceptional. They recently removed 8 huge pine trees in our yard. They removed the trees quickly and very efficiently with well organization and coordination. The cleaning work was very thorough. I am very impressed and would recommend them 100%.”

- L. Rui – 4/28/2014