Bucket Truck
Our skilled tree climbers and bucket truck operators use only the most appropriate technique to service your individual tree care needs. Each site is thoroughly observed in order to handle all of your needs with little to no disturbance to your surrounding landscape.

Crane Service
Have a hard to reach tree or a dangerous tree that requires total removal? The professionals at Dennis Tree Service can utilize our large crane to safely remove the tree(s) from your premises. With over 25 years utilizing this technique, our team can remove even the most stubborn of trees and root systems from your property.


Stump Grinding
Perhaps your yard is peppered with unsightly tree stumps, left by a previous home owner. Or you are currently having a tree removed from your property and wish to have the stump ground down to improve the overall aesthetic of your lawn. That’s why Dennis Tree Services provides the option for stump grinding on every site, so that the stump is physically below the soil line – out of sight and, finally, out of your yard!

Land Clearing
Dennis Tree Service employs skilled climbers, who utilize a wide range of equipment to remove trees of any size: from the biggest on the block, to unwanted shrubbery and overgrown vegetation. Our team can remove any hazardous or dangerous trees, clear a vista on your property, or harvest the trees for firewood. Land clearing services include clean-up, which means no unwanted tree stumps or unexpected messes on your property.

Fine Pruning
Regular pruning will improve the overall health of trees both old and young. Pruning dangerous branches and overhanging limbs that are too close to buildings or power lines ensures a safer property for you, your family, or anyone frequenting the property. Dennis Tree Services also offers hedge trimming and shaping services to meet your unique needs.

Yard Clearing
Start the year off to a great start with comprehensive spring clean-up services from Dennis Tree Service. Our team will rake and remove fallen debris from lawns and gardens, and add mulch around the bases of trees and shrubs to give your landscape that extra boost. Removal of debris, that has accumulated over the fall and winter, helps plants and shrubs to flourish. While mulching helps to prevent weeds and locks moisture into the ground around your trees and shrubs.